Saturday, August 18, 2012

Be My Guest

I am taking a break from blogging.  I have too much on my plate right now with teaching, writing, and parenting.  Yes, that is almost always the case but right now I am especially aware of it.  But I do not want the conversation to die.  (Most of the conversation takes place in Facebook.  Nobody ever posts here.  But there is usually some chat after each blog post.)  Anyway, I would like any of you who read this to consider doing a guest blog post.  My mother-in-law tells me that the blog is popular among the over 60s she knows.  I would love a post on senior-feminism or grand-mothering or aging or any other topics you like. Or blogs from any of the childless gals out there or single moms or stay at home moms, or whomever has anything they want to say that has to do with being a feminist or quasi feminist these days.

Just send me an email with your post -- you can send it as an attachment or type it in the email.  I will do the rest.

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